What Is the Purpose for Defending the Christian Faith?

You know I hear a lot of people today who are in love with Apologetics (i.e. The Defense of the Christian Faith). I love Apologetics as well. But, I have been thinking. What good does it really do? I mean if Apologetics were the answer to a dwindling church attendance in America, shouldn’t our churches be full right now? So what is the problem?

The problem is that Apologetics is not done properly! Apologetics has become about arguing, not sharing Christianity in a loving manner. Apologetics should be about removing hurdles to faith, not causing a hurdle. We have too many Christians claiming to defend the faith without understanding the faith. Our faith should be about bringing others to Christ. Without a sense of love and sharing toward the individual all we accomplish is arguing, and I have seen too much of that. Just answer their questions in love. Period. So what do you do next? Don’t argue, just let God work on them.

So for the next few weeks I am going to dedicate a small section of thoughts for Christians about what our faith should be, dealing mostly with Apologetics issues (i.e. Questions skeptics would ask). But today I want you to focus on why we would study this. To remove hurdles, not get into arguments.

Think about it and if you have any questions please write me and ask them. I will answer them here. Thanks.

In Christ,
Rev. Joe KRamer