Thoughts on Chaos and the Beginning of Everything

Thoughts on Chaos and the Beginning of Everything
By: Rev. Joe Kramer

What lies below is some thoughts on the creation event I have been thinking about. I would love some feedback (via e-mail or comment). It is not meant to be an all-inclusive treatise on the subject but some simple questions with some thoughts that go with it.

I believe that it takes more faith to be an atheist than it does to be a Christian. Let us start at the beginning. There are some things that naturalists believe that I just can’t grasp by faith.

If all the universe was made by a big bang, where did the bang come from? Some people will say that the big bang came from some kind of protoplasm, or some kind of formulas that existed. But where did that come from? They can’t answer that. Because nothing means nothing. If the big bang happened out of nothing, then protoplasm and other things that are brought to explain it, is not nothing.

Christianity believes that God created everything from nothing (ex-nihilo). How? Because God lives in infinity. He is outside time and space. Therefore there is no infinite regression of causes, it starts and ends with Him. This affirms our belief that He is the alpha and Omega. Now this is a hard concept for us as humans to understand. Why? Because we are finite. We live in time and history with a past, present and future. To understand this concept fully, is beyond us; however, we can understand some of it. To me this is the best understanding.

Another thing, I don’t see with my logical mind how out of chaos comes order. No, throughout history we see it the opposite. Throughout order, chaos ensues. We see mutations in humans that are not helpful, but cause harm. We also see creatures that are irreducibly complex (do a search for a flagellum). It is constructed like an outboard motor. If any one part breaks down, they all break down. So how does little changed over time account for this? It doesn’t, it can’t.

But if God created everything so perfect, what happened?How did creation get so messed up? Well from a Christian perspective, sin entered into the world and because of sin the whole of creation marred. This is an easy answer, but people want to make it complex. No, this is the answer.

This not all inclusive, just some thoughts I would like people to ponder and send me some feedback about.

In Christ,
Rev. Joe Kramer


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