The Dying Church: NO Fire, NO Power, NO Holiness, NO Ears – Obstacles Facing The Church

Today we have the honor from hearing from a man I went to Seminary with. He is a pastor and has a heart toward God that is absolutely amazing. I hope you enjoy his writings today. – Rev. Joe Kramer 

The Dying Church
NO Fire, No Power, No Holiness, No Ears

By: Rev. Josh Ryan


The modern day church is a false magic act. The reason is that it is not what is truly being portrayed. What seem like healthy is actually dead man’s bones, in the replica of what looks like success. So often in the realms of the flesh we the church portray true success not in the eyes of God but in the eyes of man, pertaining to the reality that we believe the object of numbers is the object of success. Jesus did not say go and gather a bunch of people and create a country club, fan base, then go and build a mega church and pat yourself on the back and say well done, while at the same time allowing all the rich to sit in the front so that one can go and comfort them in order to gather there healthy big checks.

Buildings and the expressive gloating of one’s ministry is not what Jesus had in mind when He sent out His disciples to go and build the church. Jesus after all His ministry one earth only had six hundred converts who were not afraid to follow Him. This brings me to my main point; Jesus was not so much into numbers as much as he was to devoted followers who were willing to follow him even unto death. Eleven of the twelve disciples of Jesus where killed and martyred for the cause of preaching and spreading the gospel, a command Christ gave to His church. So often the church is in decline because we have crowds who are only happy with a message that they want to hear. When will there be ministers who will preach with Holy Fire and Holy conviction? Some preachers make ear tickle sermons that last a week, others speak the words of God that last generations to come. Jonathan Edwards is one who spoke the words of God; His sermons are still famous even to this day. Why? Because he spoke with conviction, he spoke with power; he spoke with the Holy Ghost for the purpose of God. How much longer will ministers fill the churches with programs and no power from God?

No Power!
When will the Power of God actually build His Church? The church will falter and fade if man does not rely on the power of God. Trials and tribulations will come and many will see hard times, when this happens who will still be standing? Only those that are marked and moved by the power and Glory of God Himself! These will be the ones who will stand and speak with thunder and with great power.

No holiness
Too often holiness has been replaced with the notion that legalism should be no more. Yet we use this excuse to accept sin and receive the blood grace of Jesus in vein. This action is one who is not blinking or hurting at the thought of Jesus, who died on the cross to give us power over sin. This misconception of Holiness is a modern day God hatred, which mocks God. How long will we be immature to the point we never grow anymore? So often Christians, because of this misconception of grace, go and fall for years never growing and being mature in God. The same power that raised Christ from the dead is in us to give us power over sin. Jesus saved us from the eternal consequences of sin, and He ascended from the grave so that He could descend the Holy Spirit to give us power over sin. The church is falling apart because of the false understanding of Holiness and the false understanding of the great power of the Holy Spirit.

No Ears
Too many churches are only subject to the voices of man and because of this they have become deaf to the voice and heart of God. If the church and it ministers will not stop and listen to God first, they will be permanently deaf. So much energy and personal goals are based on pleasing the people instead of pleasing God, our Lord and Master. The Church is falling apart because they are deaf to the voice and heart of God. When the church opens their ears, not to the pleasant voice of man but to the still small Holy voice of God, then and only then will God transform the church.

In conclusion, the church is falling apart in America, because it lacks the fire, power, respected holiness, and hearing the voice God. We must as a church submit to Jesus and seek not the approval of man but the approval of our Lord.

I would add (Rev. Kramer) that this gives us quite a bit to think about. Will you examine your own heart and see where you fall into these categories? Then repent before a Holy God and let Him work in your life. The Choice is yours.


4 thoughts on “The Dying Church: NO Fire, NO Power, NO Holiness, NO Ears – Obstacles Facing The Church

  1. The command to pursue personal holiness is always hugely convicting for me. The reason nobody hold the church in high regard anymore is because its members look no different than the world it’s trying to convert. As a whole, the Church of Jesus Christ has lost its passion for gospel life change and sanctification. We won’t see the true power of God until we embrace the lost beauty of personal holiness! Thank for the reminder!

  2. The issue with the church was foretold in the Bible. It isn’t likely to change by our doing. And it would be a waste of time to try. The idea of to set an example in our own life, and to reach out the best we can for others to follow. It is what Jesus did. Satan obviously is working overtime. And the churches will be a popular hot spot for demonic activity. I homeschool our two youngest kids. Our oldest goes to publi school (for now). She also goes to church. A church that I myself see as an imposter. Under normal circumstances, I would have taken her out of both. In fact, I have done so on and off for a few years. But, because she is so “hard headed”, letting her see the inside of the box, while I mentor her, has helped her come to wisdom. Although, there are other factors that are growing on her that need reversed. And this will happen in the coming years once I take her out of school in 2014. At this point, I am trying to get her to understand that churches have become nothing more than social clubs full of fun activites, while using Jesus to justify themselves. Its a full on hypocrisy. Something I have paid close attention to for years.

    The keyword here is Holiness. Churches are no better than watching the Cosby Show. Goodness is being used to promote Evil. And it always comes with a smile and seduction. Many to this day think Bill Cosby is a true Christian family man. But he is both pretentious and wealthy. He is very far from Holiness. So it is VERY difficult for many today to see a clear path to GOD. Maybe there isn’t one.

    In my own life, I saw sudden leaps towards GOD just in the past few years. Before then, I was constantly torn spiritually. Confused about a lot of things. I spent 20 years as a musician, touring the states. So I know what its like to be a true heathen. But spiritually, have never considered myself one of the guys. I was a good boy growing up and cherished good things. I hated money. I hated evil. But I also couldn’t stand homosexuality and how it tries to deny evil by promoting its own diluted form of “good”. We often see gay people trying to play the good samaritan without any consideration for spiritual law. So today, its okay to do good deeds and self indulge at the same time. No self denial. No sacrifice. People are being pulled into this world right and left. Not being taught anything about spirituality, which reveals atheism to our children. Its the easy road. GOD’s path is not easy because of the debri that gets thrown at us by the world. It requires perseverance and dedication. And without the self sacrifice, not a single person would succeed. Because you MUST be willing to get beaten senslessly by society (spiritually) on your journey. And most people give up, I believe. We all get knocked down. But what happens when we get up? Where is our focus? Is it still on the forward path to GOD? Or do we happen to look to the sideline and lose our way?

    Do not stop! Keep going. GOD’s Truth is right in front of you in the Holy Bible. It won’t fail you. The church is the last place you need to be. How can we be expected to help save anyone if we cannot save ourselves? If we do not understand the way to go, then we certainly aren’t going to be able to lead anyone else. Its like the blind leading the blind. KNOW THE WAY FIRST. Then lead.

    Now many confused souls will no doubt not understand what I am saying thus far. In practice, the idea is to NOT CONFORM to society. Do not follow trends, mainstream, popular culture. A fool is talked about much in the Bible. It refers to someone who does not know the way to GOD. They are deceived. Don’t dress like a fool. Don’t act like a fool. DON’T BE A FOOL. So look around you at society. Don’t be like that.

    I’ll go further and tick a few of you off right now. YOU are likely a fool. Why? Because anyone who lives their life, working 9 to 5 at a job that makes a rich man richer is a fool. Just so they can come home and spend that money on material things that make other people richer. Essentially, you are being an indentured slave who’s purpose is to promote all that is bad in this world just to look out for your own survival. What good are you if all you do is take care of yourself and your own family? That’s akin to hourding. While it is VERY important to raise children as GOD’s, it isn’t all we are to do. But just focusing on raising the children requires mentoring. And someone who works 9 to 5 cannot mentor a Christian child. It isn’t possible. I know this to be true. My wife works 9 to 5. I care for our children full time. And over the years I have grown to understand how much I influence the children, and how much she does not. She admits to this day that she is “too busy and tired” to influence the kids. This is the secret of society. To keep you all distracted, busy, and tired. You WILL fall short as a caretaker for GOD’s children. Quit your job.

    How do you survive you ask? Buy an old used RV or camper. Sell your home or just give it away. Live in the RV. Save your income for a year or two. Use that to buy a piece of land in the country away from society. Live in the RV on the land. Meanwhile, raise livestock, gardens, catch rainwater, and learn how to be self sufficient. Stay off the grid. Using a few solar panels is better than using electric. The idea here is to work AWAY from your job so you can quit. Learn to take care of yourself without using the “middle man”. No more grocery stores. No more government and corporate dependency. You can sell some of your produce to keep what little money you may need. That’s one idea. ANd it promotes unpoisoned food. You can sell it very cheaply to make it affordable for everyone. We built a concrete, stucco home with our bare hands, and its underground. It never freezes in the winter.

    By living such a life, you free up your time to work and grow spiritually right at home with your children. It becomes much easier to find GOD. So you set an example for others to follow. You eventually reach out to others to BRING THEM OUT OF SOCIETY. So while the FOOLS are listening to Justin Beiber, wearing cool clothes, and acting stupid all of the time, you don’t have to worry about those things. Because you left those things behind. That is what “giving up this life” means. It matters where you plant your roots. Don’t leave them in society. Transplant them in Holy Soil.

    1. Interesting thoughts. That being said, “not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.” (Hebrews 10:25 NASB). The other thing is we see Jesus living in this world but not apart of it. I think your thoughts are interesting, however a bit extreme. Just my opinion.


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