Are We All Born Atheists?

Are We All Born Atheists?
By: Rev. Joe Kramer

This is another interesting question. One in which I have some thoughts on from a Biblical Christian perspective. I was talking with an atheist friend of mine last week (yes I do have friends that are atheists) about this very supposition. I got to thinking about it and here are some thoughts on this subject.

An atheist will state that people are born without a concept of God. They believe that a belief in God is “brain washing” which causes children to believe in some kind of God. The question that I have is this; do they have any empirical proof? In other words how does the atheist know that this is a fact?  A lot of people just believe in things and they don’t know why, they have never thought about it (not talking about God here just things in general). So this statement makes no sense because people naturally believe different things and don’t know where it comes from.

So if you were to ask an atheist to prove this statement using empirical evidence, they can’t do it. The atheist then is offering an opinion which they can’t prove/substantiate in any way (Of course on the flip-side Christians can’t prove it the other way either.). The atheist is seeking to base an argument on pure opinion, not evidence. Why does the atheist do this? They are trying to create an argument that atheism is natural and superior. What they are trying to prove is that those of us who believe in God are somehow inferior (at least this is my take on it, maybe I am wrong).

So let us just say that Atheism is the natural state of a human being, I don’t believe this to be the case I am just saying. Let us just say it is? Would it mean that there really isn’t a God? May I submit that the answer is a resounding NO!  You see that is a different subject all together; if we are born atheistic (which they can’t prove) that does not prove that there is not a God.

Whether or not we are born atheistic in the argument of whether or not there is a God is a bait-and-switch tactic. Many atheists will say that is proof (of which they have no proof anyway), but really that is wrong. The two have nothing to do with each other. As a matter-of-fact, when looking at the existence of God, this has nothing to do with the topic of being born atheist, it is irrelevant.

So what do you do when an atheist says that we are born atheistic? Ask them to prove it, they can’t. Now, often they will try to ask you to prove the opposite. Just respond that the topic has nothing to do with whether or not there is a God. A true thinker will typically move on and continue in civilized conversation, but with most people (unlike my friend) the conversation will spiral down to name calling, at which point I usually walk away.

I hope that these thoughts have helped you in some way. Please use this as a basis for more research and study going forward.


7 thoughts on “Are We All Born Atheists?

  1. I would argue that the proof that people aren’t born believing in a God is that children raised atheist do not have a concept of religion or god until they are told about it. Children may have an inclination towards being religious when they’re older and they may have an inclination towards being atheist, but they are not born with any concept of either notion.

    Although as you said, what a baby believes and understands doesn’t matter in terms of an argument to whether god is real or not, babies also don’t have any concept that a hot pan is dangerous till it burns them. That doesn’t mean we should go around touching hot pans.

  2. If you would have never been exposed to the concept of a Jesus , the bible or god, you would have never come up with that on your own. People believe what their told to believe by the individuals who “Know”… and then, time proves them wrong.

  3. David, did you see this part in the article. You can’t prove that…..

    “So if you were to ask an atheist to prove this statement using empirical evidence, they can’t do it. The atheist then is offering an opinion which they can’t prove/substantiate in any way (Of course on the flip-side Christians can’t prove it the other way either.).”

    As always I appreciate your comments and ask that you continue to comment.

  4. Actually, this is easily provable. Fly to a place on our planet where no one is a Christian / Hindu / Muslim etc. You will find entire villages where the concept of God is completely foreign. If you were not raised in an environment with someone teaching you about a God, you will never have any concept of a God, therefore fitting the definition “No Belief in a God or Gods”.

    A simple experiment would be to take 50 newborns that have been abandoned and raise them in a controlled environment, split into groups of 10. Each group would be taught a different philosophy/theology from birth, including Christian, Buddhism, Hinduism, Muslim, and None of the above.

    If, after 10 years, the children with zero theological teachings have no concept of, or do not believe in a God, theory proven.

    If, on the other hand, the 10 children from the None of the Above group were to suddenly quote from scripture, praise the holy mother, the son and God, and draw the mighty white-bearded man on his throne, you have just proven a belief in Christianity from birth.

    On the other hand, you may have just proven a belief in Greek, Norse or Pagan religion as well.

    1. Though this article is on an obvious Christian site (with a Christian bent in it), doesn’t mean that we all don’t have a kind of bent toward the spiritual which is kinda what the article eludes toward. The question is not a bent toward the Christian God or any God, it simply addresses the supposition of being born atheist. Now I may be wrong here, but don’t all cultures arise and believe in some kind of spiritual being(s)? There is no culture that has ever not believe in a God, as far as I know.

      As Christians we are to travel the world and tell people about the good news of what God has done.

      Thanks for your thoughts and I appreciate your comments.

  5. David,

    Actually it is not provable in the manner you prescribe. An atheist is a non-theist. A theist believes in some type of diety. Athiesm really didn’t emerge until the 18th century. Prior to that all cultures embraced some form of deism – they worshipped something.

    Your experiment is nonsensical. Your control groups will prove nothining. One can be raised in a deist environment and become an atheist. One can be raised an athiestic environment and become a deist

    Following your line of thought, If every man who was ever born was born athiest, then how could any form of deism evolve, since no one would ever be exposed to it?

    David, I think you need to give this issue more thought

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