Who do Christians Think They Are?

Who do You Think You Are?
By: Amanda D. Kramer

                Sometimes as Christians I believe we think too much of ourselves. We get these big heads to hold our big egos and can sometimes act like the biggest donkeys on earth. I understand why it happens; I mean the Bible does tell us that we are both sons and heirs.

Now if we are children, then we are heirs- heirs of God and co-heirs with Christ….
-Romans 8:17a (NIV)

Christians tend to run with this idea of being co-heirs with Christ and take it to mean they can do no wrong.  They feel that because they are “saved” and going to heaven that they are better than the lowly Gentiles that are still out there. Even when they do commit a wrongdoing they justify it with “Well, it was only a small white lie. It is not like I murdered someone” or some other lessor sin than theirs. Other times I see Christian get this way because God calls them to do something. For example, the man of God is called to preach. Suddenly, he gets the feeling of entitlement as those he once had as closest friends are turned away because he was called to something greater and they were not. Either way a Christian goes a way that takes them from the path of humbleness to entitlement. This is not a good thing and is not a pretty thing.

The Bible describes the death of Jesus as a very cruel and vicious death. He was not just “hung on a cross”. Jesus was arrested, beaten with a cat of nine tails, had a crown of thorns placed on his head, made to carry his own cross, and then nailed to the cross. His beating was so bad he was near death just from this. He was then nailed in the wrists and the feet to the cross and while He hung there He was stabbed with a spear, fed vinegar, and mocked. For what reason was all this done to Him? This man knew no sin, yet He was paying the price of a very sinful life. The sacrifice system called for a sheep without blemish. This is what we called a foreshadowing. Jesus is called the perfect lamb because He was without blemish and was sacrificed for us all.

So again I ask, who do you think you are? Are you a Christian that walks around with a sense of self entitlement or do you remember what God really did for you? Should you really be living your life as though you are better than everyone else? As the old hymn says, He paid a price he did not owe and you owe a price that you could never pay. We should be living a life of thankfulness and gratefulness. This life is not about us and what we get to do or what we can do for ourselves. It is all about what we can do for Him and how we can show others His love, the very same love that He showed us on the cross.


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