Christians Are A Bunch of Confused & Messy People!

Christians Are A Bunch of Confused & Messy People!
By: Rev. Joe Kramer

Yes they are! Most Christians don’t know where the Bible stands on issues and could care less! All they know is what the media tells them to believe! Some have been deceived into thinking the plain meaning of scripture is, “not what it truly means, what God really meant was____.


33 For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.
1 Corinthians 14:33 (NKJV)


There is a lot going on in our world today. There are a lot of confused people in our world too. So many people run around every day confused because they are getting answers to questions from multiple sources and don’t know what to believe or how to act.

The problem with many Christians today is they don’t know what to believe. They are bombarded on every side with conflicting messages. They get one message from their pastor/teacher. They get another message from the televangelists, another from secularists, atheists and all kinds of different people. Why is that today?

Well, one reason is the speed at which information is delivered to us. We have five-hundred plus channels on television, internet on our computers, internet on our phones, and a twenty-four hour news cycle. All of these forms of media have differing agendas coming through them and with so much out there, the Bible gets kind of forgotten about. So people’s minds are formed and shaped by what they here and if it goes against God’s Word, well they just begin to ignore God’s Word.

The problem with Christians today is they say things like, “This could never happen to me!” When in reality, very subtly, their minds are being transformed. For example, the big ticket thing right now is “Gay Marriage,” many people are forgetting, ignoring, or transforming what the Bible says about the subject into something the media has deemed “O.K.” and if the media says it is “O.K.” well then that is our new gospel (dripping with sarcasm)! I have seen personal friends who were once conservative Christians tell me that his alright. Just for those who are wondering, I am against Gay Marriage, because of the religious sanctity of it, and it is only being used here as one of many examples. I will say this and stop, for now, the separation of church and state is not in the constitution. It is in Jefferson’s writings, but I believe his point was to say the state can’t meddle in the affairs of religion. However, neither the constitution nor Jefferson makes mention that deeply sincere Christians can’t meddle in the affairs of government. Enough said, moving on.

So what happens when individual Christians are confused? Well the churches become confused! In Corinth the people were practicing spiritual gifts without having order. Now this same principle applies to everything in our churches. Let all be done decently and in order. Like I said in an earlier article, some churches focus on the “let all things be done” and others on the “decently and in order” (But that is not what this article is about).  So what happens when you have a bunch of confused Christians? They cause division, strife, and angst (Yeah I know, I used angst). Folks we need unity in churches and the only way we are going to get unity is by putting the Bible back in our lives as our authority and truth, above all else!

So what do you do when you feel confusion in your mind and in your life? When you don’t understand what has happened and what is going on? You need to check yourself and see if you truly are walking in the faith, allowing God’s Word to have supremacy in your life! What will you do? Will you trust God or will you continue to be confused about the world and God’s plan for you in the world? The Choice is yours!

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